What Is The Best Way To Get A Coffee Enema Kit?

The easiest way to obtain the supplies and equipment you need to do a coffee enema is to purchase them as a set. That way, you get all the essentials in one complete package. Such a set comes with an enema bag, tubing, hooks, clamps and perhaps a small supply of caffeinated liquid. If the latter came with your kit, make sure that it is organic.

Do not get commercialised coffee from the supermarket because it contains synthetic ingredients which makes them unsuitable for use as an enema. You might end up introducing more toxins to your body than what you take out.

Another thing that you can expect to find when you buy a coffee enema kit are instructions that tell you how to put everything together and give yourself an enema at home. Make sure to follow said guidelines to the letter if to ensure safe and efficient outcomes.

So where do you get a kit of the enema equipment and supplies you need?

Now that we know what to rightfully expect when you buy a set of enema equipment and supplies, where do you get them? Well,  most medical supply stores sell various type of enema kit from recyclable rubber or silicone enema bags and douches to enema bulbs and pails. When it comes to the organic coffee, local roasters and popular coffee chains in your area will likely offer you some.

If you are not too thrilled with the idea of having to purchase your enema supplies from an actual store, then you can always opt to buy them online.

It is a lot easier as you can get a business to ship out your purchase to your desired address.  Just make sure that you purchase from reputable online stores with a long history of satisfied and happy customers.

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